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Why landlords in Embakasi prefer latrines

By ALLAN OLINGO February 27th, 2014 1 min read

As more residential and commercial buildings are constructed in Embakasi East constituency, residents have to contend with one major problem; a poor sewerage system.

Although majority of the houses in the area have toilets, most home owners have opted to build pit latrines to dispose of waste.

Septic tanks

Others have built septic tanks which are emptied once they are full.

However, the tanks in Utawala, Mihango and other estates bordering Kangundo are shallow because the area is rocky.

“The septic tanks are so shallow and they get full quickly especially during rainy seasons,” lamented Abraham Wakoli, a resident of Mihango area. This poses a health risk to the residents.

Many residents complain that the previous administrations have never shown interest in improving the constituency’s sewerage system.

“ We wonder which organ in Nairobi is responsible for managing the sewerage system?” posed Cyprian Nzau from Utawala estate.

There were plans by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to put up an efficient sewerage system to carry sewer from Utawala, Mihango and adjacent areas.

For now residents can only cross their fingers and hope that something is done to contain the situation before it gets out of hand.

Wilson Litole, an assistant minister in the Kibaki administration said the project had been delayed due to lack of funds.