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Why leaving your shoes at the door is healthy

Have you ever been to someone’s home and been compelled to leave your shoes outside the front door?

I have had several friends mostly from Asian families who do this. I always found it interesting personally considering growing up not many of my friends and family kept shoes outside.

In Nairobi, it’s risky if you live in a not so safe neighbourhood. You might walk out and find them missing.

Most people I know take their shoes off at the door but some people choose to wear shoes in their homes.

Why would you wear shoes in your home? It’s beyond me! It’s more comfortable to be barefoot and it’s better to develop foot and angle strength.

Also the bottom of shoes are dirtier than toilet seats. Shoes are contaminated from diverse sources, and we are regularly contaminating our doorsteps by shoes.

There are many different types of bacteria that get into your home from your shoe. For example, most public restroom floors contain around 2 million bacteria per square inch.

These are two very good reasons to avoid wearing shoes in your home. One if you have young kids who crawl around on the floor all day (whether 2 years old or 4 years old) it’s even more important to not wear your shoes inside your home.

Children below the age of 2 year should not play on floors that shoes have been walked on. It is best to leave your shoes outside the home if you have a one or two year old child.


What’s interesting is that many countries in Asia leave their shoes completely outside their home with that door closed so you cannot even see shoes in the home.

A great idea is to leave them at the front door to avoid bringing any unwanted bacteria or germs in the home.

To wear your shoes in your home even just once or a few times if you forgot something and are in a rush can potentially bring this dangerous bacteria in your home. Avoid it and do your best to keep the shoes outside for your health and safety.

Not only do shoes contain bacteria but they also contain germs, chemicals and oil or petroleum by-products.

The bottom of your shoes are full of plenty of chemicals and pathogens that you do not want to spread all over your home then walk barefoot on later.

It’s uncommon in Kenya for guests to ask to remove your shoes at the door but most cultures around the world ask that you leave your shoes at the door.

Taking your shoes off at the door is a sign of respect for your home and the home of guests.

In many religious traditions shoes are removed for prayer and entering the home.