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Why lobby group is demanding for the resignation of Uhuru’s government

By Collins Omulo February 10th, 2020 2 min read

A lobby group has called for the immediate resignation of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, accusing it of gross incompetence.

The civil society group by the name Jukwaa La Ukombozi, criticized the government for failing to improve the lives of citizens despite having a supportive legal, policy and constitutional frameworks to solve the nation’s historical and ongoing challenges.

Muthiora Kariara, one of the organisers, called for the citizens to invoke Article 1 of the Constitution by directly exercising their democratic rights and banishing from power all state officers who have betrayed public trust while exercising delegated authority on behalf of Kenyans.

“Now in its second controversial term in office, it is evidently clear that the Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta administration is incurably incompetent in fulfilling its constitutional obligations in the service of the people,” said Mr Kariara.

“It is now time for this failed government to resign to pave way for the establishment of an authentic Government of the peoples of Kenya. Majority of Kenyans are worse off under this administration. Our country shall be better off without it,” he added.


Kariara, who was the running mate to Independent presidential candidate Japhet Kavinga Kaluyu during the 2017 elections said the only way forward for Kenya is a radical break from the status quo and reliance on its operatives for solutions to problems they have caused for a fresh start.

Two other members of the lobby,  Ndungi Githuku and Waithera Wanjiru, similarly blamed the government for failing to end corruption and misuse of public wealth among a myriad of failures.

“It is time for citizens, to work in one accord and dismiss from power a government that has failed. The gravity of this government’s failures calls for its urgent dismissal. We therefore demand an immediate end to its term,” said Ms Wanjiru.