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Why Lupita literally cried over her crush Leonardo DiCaprio

One day in 1999, Kenyan celebrated Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o went on her first date.

Her date at the time was with a boy she liked. The two had agreed to go on a movie  date at a Cinema theatre in Nairobi for  the screening on the nostalgic film Titanic.

But what was supposed to be a fun movie date, turned out to be a sorrowful one leaving  the 41 year old sobbing all night.

“My very first date was going to see a movie at the cinema in Nairob, Kenya where I grew up. I was 16. Not only was I going out with this boy I like for the first time, but I would be watching my crush Leonardo DiCaprio in none other than Titanic,” Ms Nyong’o began her narration to the audience as she accepted  a star of the  year trophy during the CinemaCon’s Big Screen Achievement Awards Ceremony, held last Thursday in Las vegas.

Ms Nyong’o said she was beyond excited to watch DiCaprio in the 1997 disaster epic production by James Cameron.

“My walls were adorned with posters of Leonardo DiCaprio and to see him on the big screen was a dream come true,” she says.

As the movie began, the  entire cinema auditorium went silent.

“We were captivated, we all grasped at the same moments, fell in love at the same time and grieved together as the tragic story unfolded by the end of the movie,” Lupita adds.

As the ship sake and Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) sunk into the deep dark sea, Lupita’s world too collapsed.

“I was so devastated by the fate of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character that I wept and wept. Long after the credits had rolled, I was inconsolable. In fact, my date and I stayed in the theater for so long that even the staff began cleaning up around us, urging us to leave. But that moment was special to me. It was more than just a movie. It was an experience that shook me to the core that night. What I experienced firsthand was the power of cinema top transport us to another world, to make us feel thngs we never thought possible like developing a fear of glaciers,”  Lupita went on.

Lupita’s upcoming project is the third installation of Paramount Pictures thriller A Quiet Place – A Quiet Place: Day One.

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