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Why Mama Lucy Hospital is in a mess

As Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital struggles to offer services to residents in Eastlands, it is emerging that the workers could be sabotaging the management.

Nairobi County Assembly Public Health Committee chairman Mr Manoah Karega said a recent impromptu visit at the hospital revealed that some workers were dissatisfied with the administration and could be sabotaging operations by offering poor services.

“There is enough manpower and medical supplies at the hospital but the services are poor. The CEO (Dr Julius Ogato) is not in good terms with the staff and most probably they could be sabotaging operations. I think that they want him removed,” Mr Karega told NairobiNews.

Table report

The health committee recently tabled a report at the County Assembly recommending an overhaul of the hospital’s management. “There is need for an overhaul of the management if services at the hospital should be improved. The CEO should be replaced by a person who is not a professional doctor,” he said.

“We talked to some doctors and nurses and they were very open. They claimed that the CEO was the one making them not to work well,” the chairman said.

Mr Karega said he received four complaints from some workers about the goings on at the hospital and decided to investigate.

Initially there were complaints from the public about the state of affairs at the hospital.

An overhaul is just one of the measures that should be taken to improve service delivery amid complaints of nepotism, tribalism, corruption and poor procurement procedures, said Mr Karega.

The workers claimed that the management was buying items already at the hospital’s store besides awarding jobs to relatives, he added. The hospital requires and additional Sh930 million for completion.