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Why Marioo refrained from Paula Kajala, Rayvanny’s online drama

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artiste Marioo has opened up why he refrained from the online altercation pitting his girlfriend Paula Kajala against her ex-lover Rayvanny.

Speaking during an interview on Wasafi, Marioo revealed that he deliberately chose not to intervene in the online feud because it was primarily a dispute between an ex-couple.

Though the Ananipenda hitmaker was in the know-how of what had transpired, he decided to first let the dust settle and then talk to Rayvanny individually.

“I and Rayvanny respect each other. There are things that I do speak about but this one I had to let it slide. However, after some time, I requested him to quit the back-and-forth spilling of beans on Instagram,” he said.

Paula and Rayvanny’s relationship began after the latter had a nasty split with his Fahyvanny, who accused the award-winning singer of being unfaithful despite dating for years and even having a child together.

The two would then date for several months before splitting in September 2022. What led to their split remained a mystery until May the following year when the two ex-lovers engaged in a war of words taking turns to accuse each other of infidelity. With everyone maintaining their hard stance, Paula and the Teamo hitmaker paraded their claims on Instagram.

So ugly was the airing of dirty laundry that even Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyvanny was not spared. However, the genesis of the bitter exchange was after Fahyvanny lamented an episode where her hubby was featured in the mother-and-daughter reality show ‘Behind the Gram.’

After the online war of words, Paula asked her lover Marioo for forgiveness saying he should not be swayed by the remarks people were making on social media.

“Please forgive me, my husband. What happened yesterday I think you already know everything so do not be swayed by the remarks people are making on social media. Please forgive me.”

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