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Why meat prices in Nairobi are skyrocketing

By KNA March 2nd, 2015 1 min read

The price of meat in Nairobi has risen since February as a result of scarcity of livestock occasioned by the drought experienced for the last two months.

A spot check by KNA at the City Market, one of the major markets in the Central Business District (CBD), revealed that businessmen are still keen to trade on the commodity despite the surge in prices.

The price of a kilo of beef has risen from sh500 to sh550, while chicken has risen from sh500 bo Sh600.

A whole Tilapia fish costs Sh400 from Sh380, while Nile Perch costs Sh380 from Ksh320.

However, the price of chevon (goat meat) remains unchanged at Sh420.

Pork prices increased from Sh350 to Sh400 from January.

George Ndondi, a meat vendor at the City Market, said meat prices increased from January due to scarcity of livestock.

“We know it is not easy but we are trying to contain the situation as it is to ensure that we don’t go without selling meat to our customers,” he said.

The meat vendors urged the public to persevere the high prices and wait for better prices before the Easter season.