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Why men are opposing this woman’s campaign to have them marry many wives

We are not boarding! That is the response by city men who have shot down a proposal by a woman from Lamu County to encourage men to marry many wives.

Alice Wambui Wangu defended her suggestion saying that it is the much sought after solution that will help end infidelity in marriages.

It will also reduce the number of people involved in the dangerous trade of prostitution, she argues.

But interestingly, most men appear to be against her opinion as they complained about the harsh economic times and the pressure that would come with ensuring harmony among their many women.

“Some of us would wish to drop the women we are married to so that we can enjoy our lives. One wife is already a burden and stressful to live with, how do you marry 3?” retorted Omondi Omundu.


“Idle thinking,” said Jolly Nyagah. “Excuse me, what the hell?” asked Jimnarez.

“Hahahaa Mimi ata mmoja nimeshindwa and am over age ,so they think the law will force me to jump 1 and go to many and again the law will fill their conjugal rights Mimi sina nguvu,” wrote kevin Ochieng Okanda.

“Having one this days is even a burden who wants two not unless the man just wants to hit and run,” commented Sly Sylvester.

“How is this even making sense?” asked Blaq Roze.

This is not the first time such a proposal has been made. In 2018 Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba also urged rich men to marry several wives.

She argued that men who sire children out of wedlock should consider taking their concubines as their additional wives because polygamous marriages are part of the Kikuyu culture.

According to her, bringing up children in the absence of their fathers had led to serious societal problems such as alcoholism among the youth.