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Why most youths will fall into depression after Christmas – STUDY

Young people are more likely to spend Christmas alone and fall into depression after the holidays.

A UK based mental health organization conducted a research that found out that one in 10 people aged 25 to 34 has no one to spend Christmas with, compared to one in 20 people over the age of 65.

The organization, Mind, also found out that financial stress and pressure to be social throughout December, is having a negative impact on the young people’s mental health.

“The figures suggest those in this age bracket are the most likely to consider taking their own lives as a direct result of the festive period,” stated a report published in the Huffington Post.

The research was conducted with over 2,000 respondents who stated that almost half of young people worry about their finances at Christmas, compared to only one in five older people.


“The weight of expectation around personal achievement seemed to have a particularly negative impact on 25 to 34-year-olds, with a third dwelling on things they failed to achieve in the year, compared to one in 10 older people,” stated the report.

Researchers also found out that young people preferred to keep their worries to themselves with one in 10 saying they wouldn’t want to ask for help over the festive period for fear of what other people would think of them.

Due to the inability to seek help, researchers found that the young people “were the most likely to consider taking their own lives directly because of the festive period (one in 12 people).”

In Kenya, most single women and men living in the cities have admitted to dreading the thought of traveling upcountry for Christmas due to enquiries on their marital status.