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Why my marriage to Diamond’s sister, Esma, failed – Msizwa

By Rajab Zawadi October 19th, 2022 2 min read

Maulid Msizwa, the ex-husband to Esma Khan-Platnumz, Diamond Platnumz’s sister, claims their marriage crumbled because he was not the one who approached the entrepreneur for companionship.

Msizwa instantly became a celebrity when Esma, Diamond’s elder sister, confirmed their relationship on social media.

After close to a year of dating, the former couple wedded on July 30, 2020, at a star-studded ceremony in Dar es Salaam.

Esma became the third wife of the businessman.

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Diamond Platnumz's sister Esma Khan. PHOTO | COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Khan. PHOTO | COURTESY

However, by November of the same year, exactly three months after the wedding, Esma announced she had divorced the businessman.

In a question and answer session on Instagram, Esma claimed she opted to end the marriage after realizing her randy husband was hitting on every woman who approached him on Instagram since he became famous thanks to their union.

The mother of two went on to claim that she even got pregnant with Msizwa but chose to abort the baby because she no longer harbored feelings for her ex-husband.

Esma claimed she was afraid she would end up hating the child born out of the loveless marriage.

“Yes I aborted because I can’t sire with a man whom I don’t have feelings for. If I had given birth to that baby, I wouldn’t have loved it.” Esma said last year.

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Esma Platnumz
Tanzanian celebrity Esma Khan aka Esma Platnunmz. PHOTO | COURTESY

Revisiting the issue recently during the launch of his new hotel in Dar es Salaam, Msizwa reminisced about the failed marriage absolving himself from any wrongdoing.

In his words, Esma was responsible for the failed marriage and not him.

“I will tell you guys something I have never said anywhere. It’s she (Esma) who hit on me and not the other way round. I have never seduced her, she is the one who seduced me,” Msizwa claimed.

On why he gave in to a stranger and decide to marry her?

“She was very straight forward with her approach. She said she wanted me to marry her so that she could attain that societal image and respect of being someone’s wife,” Msizwa explained.

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Tanzanian celebrity Esma Khan aka Esma Platnunmz. PHOTO | COURTESY
Tanzanian celebrity Esma Khan aka Esma Platnunmz. PHOTO | COURTESY

The businessman was quick to shoot down claims that their union was all a publicity stunt to push their business agendas.

“Not at all, our marriage was real and legitimate but disagreements occurred and sometimes you don’t force a situation to work if it isn’t. You let it be.”

On the disagreement he did not wish to discuss the nitty gritty details, he instead placed the blame on Esma.

“If I was the problem then explain to me how I have been able to stay with my first wife for 13 years and counting and as for my second wife we are now on the 7th year together.”

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