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Why Nadia Mukami doesn’t touch Arrowbwoy’s phone

Of the many things singer Nadia Mukami doesn’t do is go through her lover’s phone. For the last four years, Nadia has been in a love relationship with fellow celebrity Arrowbwoy.

The Wangu hitmaker says she has learned to respect her partner’s privacy and that includes not touching his phone.

“I feel like a man’s phone is his. Why would I touch his phone? I don’t want to find anything there,” Nadia said.

The mother of one argues the curiosity to want to grow through your partner’s phone can only breed insecurity and mistrust.

Despite the couple having already met their respective in-laws Nadia feels it’s time that Arrowbwoy steps up his game and marries her.

“In the 21st century, we need to tell our men that if they have not paid any dowry, to us, one of my legs is in love and the other one is not,” Nadia explained.

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Last year their relationship experienced some turbulence with Nadia walking away from their union but would later on get back together with the chanteuse praising Arrowbwoy for doing the most to ensure they were back on track again.

Ever since making their relationship public, the singer has been candid about their partnership, even taking on the role of a relationship critic.

In a prior interview, Nadia shared her thoughts, revealing that she had some heartfelt concerns.

She emphasized that men should grasp the concept that pampering a woman doesn’t solely revolve around covering her expenses.

“Even if I am financially stable as a woman, a man spoiling me shouldn’t be an issue. Naturally, men were created to fend for their families and women to be pampered. Spoiling a woman doesn’t mean you pay my bills, that’s where people get it wrong. If she is your girlfriend or wife, spoiling means taking her out to some nice restaurant she might have not been to for a meal, buying her flowers, buying her a shoe, a handbag she likes, or gifts she likes, things like those are what spoiling is all about. Spoiling a woman is not necessarily bills,” Nadia argued.

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