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Why Nairobians want Sonko to enforce mandatory swimming lessons

Parents in Nairobi now want Governor Mike Sonko to make swimming lessons mandatory in all public schools in the county.

This was after the governor shared a survival tactics video with information on how a person travelling in a car with his children, should react in case they found themselves sinking in water.

His post was in light of the Likoni ferry tragedy on Sunday when a woman and her four-year-old daughter drowned after their vehicle plunged into the Indian Ocean.

Three days later, the bodies of the mother and daughter are yet to be retrieved as the recovery operations drag on.

“Watu wangu hii storm ni dalili ya mafuriko just like what happened in Japan, Mozambique and some parts of Tanzania wakati kulifurika. Hatuombi mabaya but in case it happens. Here are some tips you should know,” Sonko wrote.

The governor’s sentiments however only appeared to evoke the online community’s anger with most of them asking him to first ensure that school children learn how to swim in schools or else his video makes no sense.

“I think swimming classes for all kids are necessary and floating jackets should be available for safety. I still feel sad about the Likoni accident,” said Rose Muita.


“What is the point of doing all this if someone does not know how to swim? I would prefer staying in the car to facing the unknown, and especially if it’s in the ocean. But having a life jacket in the car would come in handy,” wrote Martin Kinyajui.

“We make it look so easy to escape but when you heart beating 20x the normal rate and fear of death is around you, this video won’t work. Let’s just say it takes ONLY GOD to survive this,” commented Ken Kanaiza.

“The assumption of this activity is that everyone knows how to swim,” stated Jackson Ambete.

“I think learning how to swim is ideal in this kinda survival strategy. Watu wajue kuogelea,” said Arnold de Shaun.

“Easier said than done… practically due to the shock… and hw many can swim at shallow end leave alone deep sea?am still sad tho,” replied Racheal Ndanu.