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Why Nameless hasn’t given Wahu a push gift, she responds – Exclusive

By Beth Nyambura October 27th, 2022 3 min read

Singer Wahu welcomed her third child two weeks ago.

In a recent exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the mother of two said she had a normal birth.

“I did a normal birth but with epidural, so no labour pain, but I was able to push my baby,” she said.

“An epidural is a procedure that injects a local anaesthetic into the space around the spinal nerves in your lower back.”

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This anesthetic usually blocks the pain from labour contractions and during birth very effectively. You can usually move and push your baby out with an epidural when needed.

The mother of three said she opted to go for that procedure since she found it effective with her second child.

“With Tumiso I did the normal birth but induced and it was so painful. I prefer inducing but with an epidural so that I am not ambushed in traffic to give birth,” she explained.

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Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Wahu said with her last born Shiro, she wanted to be induced, but by the time she was going to the hospital, the nurse told her that she was already in labour.

“That was her birthday and so I didn’t have to be induced,” she said.

Wahu said her husband was with her during the birth of her third child.

Asked if he gave her a push gift, Wahu said Nameless lied to his fans about bringing a push gift while he was on his recent US music tour.

“I have seen people being given cars, and title deeds but none of that was given to me,” he said.

“My push gift was just a hug.”

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Celebrity couple Wahu and Nameless. PHOTO | COURTESY

Nameless, who was present during the interview, defended himself, saying he gave his wife, Wahu, “a lot of love” as a push gift.

“Please, my fans don’t forgive him. I want him to be told that I want a push gift,” Wahu said.

In an interview with a local publication, Wahu said she waited for her third child for six years.

“From when my secondborn daughter Nyakio was about three years, I wanted another child but God made me wait for six years before He finally remembered me,” she told the publication.

She hid the pregnancy news from her two daughters Tumiso and Nyakio, until she was very sure about her health and that of the baby.

“I have had to explain to my firstborn daughter Tumiso afterward why I did that,” she narrated.

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Wahu and Nameless’ girls, Nyakio and Tumiso. PHOTO | COURTESY

Wahu, who is in her early 40s, said she wasn’t sure about the whole journey and the anxiety made her want to keep the news to herself and her hubby Nameless.

“I was concerned and at the same time, I was afraid I would lose my child and so, I didn’t want to excite them yet,” she said.

Wahu stated that the news about them having another sibling was exciting.

“I knew they would be very happy about having a sibling since there was a time they were actually praying for a baby sister or brother but it got to a place and they stopped praying about it.”

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