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Why Nyeri women are ditching their second-hand bras

Dozens of women in Nyeri have decided to get rid of their second-hand bras amid fears of infection after they found sachets tucked inside the padding.

The sachets contain a clear liquid and three small white balls. They could be desiccants, substances that are used to sustain a state of dryness in clothes and shoes.

The women in Nyeri became weary after a video started circulating on social media claiming that the sachets could potentially cause breast cancer.

“After I  watched the video, I decided to check my bra and I found the sachet,” said Harriet Wanja, one of the women who decided to part with her bra.

She told the Nairobi News that after contacting some of her friends on the same they said they had also found the sachets in their bras.

Panic hit the women who opted to discard the undergarments fearing that the rumors circulating could be true.

Felistas Njambi, an owner of a lingerie shop in Nyeri town, told Nairobi News that the patches are a common feature especially in second-hand bras.

“They are common on the bras. There are those sewn into the bras and others that can be aligned when wearing the bra,” she said.