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Why Oga Obinna will have a prenup in his next relationship

Radio presenter Oga Obinna says he will have a prenup in his next romantic relationship.

Also a renowned comedian, Oga Obinna, born Steve Maghana, made the announcement on his radio show, adding the document will minimize the drama that comes along when lovers elect to go different ways.

A prenuptial, commonly known as a prenup, is a written contract created by two people before they are married. Among other things, it outlines what belongs to who if the marriage doesn’t work

“Henceforth, I will sign a prenup in any relationship I will be in,” he explained.

Adding: “Term no 1 will be;

1. When we part, leave with whatever you came along with.

2. Refer to point 1.

3. Refer to point 2.”

The media personality also referred to Kenyan women as dramatic, indicating most of them want to reap where they did not sow.

“Whatever you bring is whatever you leave with. I have learned my lesson.”

Oga Obinna has been making headlines of late following drama between him and his baby mama.

It started a fortnight back when one of his baby mamas known as mama Adalola called the comedian out for what she termed as harassment.

Mama Adalola said she had withstood intrusion from him for a while to the point that she can no longer enjoy her privacy.

She further accused him that Obinna was using online trolls to bully her.

Obinna said he will not respond to the accusations laid on him for the sake of the kids.

“Do I release audios or do I take the insults as a man? Since I do not fight with women and for the sake of the kids lemme keep quiet and take the beating,” he said.

But he appeared to go against his own principles moments later, with a lengthy message on Twitter in which he accused his baby mama of threatening to take everything from her.

He wrote in part: “I’m starting by collecting back everything I have bought. Everything. Watu wabaki vile walipatwa. You have privileges that you are shi*ting on. Let the current man take the mantle.”

Oga Obinna had earlier acknowledged he has three baby mamas and four children.