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Why police officers have been banned from doing TikTok videos in uniform

Police officers have been banned from using social media while in uniform and then sharing online.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai warned officers who had adopted the trend of posting on social media sites, especially TikTok, that the practice was depicting police service in a negative light.

In a signal dispatched to police chiefs countrywide, the police boss that it is against the service standing orders for Police to make posts while in uniform.

The warning comes with a growing number of officers recording and posting short videos on social media, while other have been going live as they perform their duties while in uniform.

This is not the first time the IG is warning his officers to depict using social media. Last year, Mutyambai banned officers from using social media as a platform for airing their grievances or speaking about the challenges that they undergo in the course of their duties. The officers were also gagged from talking to the press without permission.

The warnings came on the backdrop of an increase in cases of officers airing their work-related grievances on social media, often catching their superiors by surprise.

According to Police Standing Orders, only gazetted officers are allowed to speak to the press.

“Sharing information with the media and the public either verbally or otherwise must be done in accordance with the regulations,” Mutyambai wrote to officers across the country.

He said Chapter 24 section 55 of the Service Standing Order prohibits officers from transmitting information through social media unless they are on official business.

“Under section 6 (w), Chapter 30 of the SSO (Service Standing Order) to disclose or convey any information on police matters without proper authority,” he added.