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Why Ruto wants to teach Kenya Kwanza MPs how hold spoon and fork

By Winnie Onyando September 16th, 2022 2 min read

President William Ruto has said the Kenya Kwanza Coalition will hold sessions to teach its members how to handle cutleries to avoid embarrassment.

Speaking in Naivasha during the coalition’s Parliamentary Group meeting, President Ruto said the session is of importance as some senior government official have no knowledge of handling spoons, knives and forks.

“We are going to have a session where we will teach you a bit of etiquette. Sometimes we get embarrassed when senior people don’t even know how to hold a spoon or fork,” President Ruto said.

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The president also said that most people take such sessions for granted, pointing out that it is of importance for senior people in government to be well trained in such areas.

“We will take our time to mentor everybody in that area. We don’t want embarrassment,” the president said.

Table manners is one of the crucial rules that one should follow in every setting. Be it a professional or social situation, table manners are truly important and we all admire people with some basic sense of etiquettes.

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But when it comes to using forks and spoons, not everyone is knowledgeable. The use of spoons and forks has evolved over the years but that does little to alleviate the fear that some people have of cutlery.

Merely holding forks and knives in the right hand is not enough. It is of utmost importance for you to know what must be used when. The use of fork and spoon differs according to the food that people of different countries eat. Basically, one should hold a fork in his or her left hand and a knive in the right hand.

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