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Why singer Arrow Bwoy is mulling polygamy

Singer Arrow Bwoy has stirred controversy by declaring his intentions to take a second wife if his current partner, Nadia Mukami, does not want to have more children.

The father of one made this revelation during an interview with Oga Obinna.

“Nadia is a good wife but I have a problem since she does not want more children,” Arrow Bwoy stated.

“I am inspired to have more kids but Nadia is not ready. She is a baby girl and I want her to remain the same. I don’t want her to be stressed. So I have requested her to allow me to get another woman so I can have more children. I want two more children. I am a Muslim and polygamy is allowed. I am hopeful about that. I will retain her as my first wife.”

He further explained that he is willing to support Nadia in maintaining her physical appearance post-pregnancy.

“If she gives me two children, I will be okay. She is afraid of losing her shape, but I will facilitate for her body to be okay. I don’t want to also make her tired.”

In an earlier interview, Nadia Mukami shared her perspective on expanding their family.

“I honestly love children. I would like to have more but I don’t have the time. Other than being a mother, I have businesses that I need to take care of. There is the salon business, a music hub (Sevens Creative Hub), and also my own music career. All these things demand time. This is the reason I am not planning to add to my brood any time soon,” Nadia said.

She elaborated on the complexities of motherhood, emphasizing the importance of mental health and a supportive partner.

“Motherhood isn’t as tough as many portray it; it’s a good experience. In the first year, it was challenging for me and I actually vowed never to get pregnant again. But as the child grows, my perception has changed. I think before having a baby, ensure you have the right partner and, most importantly, ensure your mental health is stable because you don’t want to subject your child to trauma,” she added.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy are raising their two-year-old son, Kai.