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Why single Joey Muthengi is afraid to seek Mr Right online

By Amina Wako November 2nd, 2020 2 min read

About a fortnight ago, media personality Joey Muthengi asked her fans anf followers to name any reputable online dating sites.

“Other than Tinder and Bumble…what reputable online dating sites are y’all using out here? Asking for research,” she posted on Twitter.

So I later called her to find out how the ‘research’ on online dating was going for her and she admitted it was for her own benefit given traditional dating has not borne any fruit for her.

“Girl I’m single, been dating around this Nairobi to no success. I’ve had too many entanglements. So I decided to see what’s happening online,” she said on phone.

In the comment section of her post, her followers were divided between those backing online dating and those for traditional dating.

Many listed the most popular online dating sites while others suggested that she sticks to traditional dating.

Her follower Cassandra for instance asked Joey to join a book club to hunt for men.

“I did genuine research for dating apps. Tinder is shite. The best way is to log onto discussion forums for books you love. There you can dig into the mind of someone through a topic you both like then find out if they are single,” Cassandra wrote.

Even with all the responses Joey, who has been single for a number of years now, was skeptical about giving online dating a try.

“I’m paranoid about meeting men online. That’s why I was asking peeps if it’s worked for them,” she confessed.

I am not sure which works best but I prefer traditional dating, however, a study from the University of Chicago found that meeting someone online is actually better than offline.

The research found that married couples who met through online dating sites are happier and less likely to get divorced.

The study however did not indicate why relationships that started online were more successful.

Going with the response from Joey’s question, meeting online is increasingly becoming common, mostly because of the growth of social media platforms and urbanisation that has come with busy lives hence limitingd the amount of interactions the working class has socially.

Joey has promised to share her experience if she gathers sufficient courage to try online dating in search of the ever elusive love.

We wish her all the best as she looks for her Mr Right.