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Why single mothers might be your best bet for marriage

In our modern society, the number of single mothers has experienced a steady increase.

Various factors contribute to this phenomenon, ranging from irresponsible partners to a conscious choice made by these women.

Sam West, famously known as singer Vivianne’s ex-husband has boldly come out to proclaim, “Single mothers make the best wives. They are mature, responsible, and highly experienced.”

Through a lengthy post, West shared pointers on why single mothers are truly the best bet when it comes to bagging one as a wife, and ultimately what men should know about single mothers.

The child comes first

One fundamental aspect of dating a single mother is that her child will always be her top priority. You cannot pursue a relationship with her without acknowledging the presence of her child. This shared responsibility should be embraced, as it plays a crucial role in the dynamic of the relationship.

Build trust with this woman

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. When dating a single mother, it is essential to earn her trust through your actions and words. Being sensitive and considerate of her feelings and needs can go a long way in building a strong foundation for your connection.

Do not give unsolicited parenting advice

Single mothers are experienced in raising their children and may not require unsolicited parenting advice. It’s advisable to refrain from offering guidance unless specifically asked for it, especially in the early stages of your relationship.

Be ready for commitment

Single mothers are not interested in playing games. They typically have a clear understanding of what they want from a relationship and are committed to making it work. Being prepared for commitment is vital to align with their intentions.

Do not rush things

While single mothers are often welcoming, it’s essential to avoid rushing into a relationship. Taking the time to ensure both parties are on the same page is crucial. Rushing things can lead to feelings of being forced into the relationship, which is detrimental to its success.

The baby daddy will be in the picture

In cases where co-parenting is the norm, it’s important to acknowledge that the child’s biological father will still be a part of the picture. Patience and understanding are key as the child enjoys a relationship with their father. This reality should be embraced without jealousy or insecurity.

Don’t assume you are coming to rescue her

Being a single mother does not equate to weakness. It’s crucial to recognize that these women are strong and independent. Avoid trying to take control of her life or assume a savior role. Allowing her the space to be herself is vital for a harmonious relationship.

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