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Why Sonko is not in Kwale for governors’ meet

By SAMWEL OWINO December 14th, 2017 2 min read

When the governors converged in South Coast on Wednesday for the induction course of the newly-elected governors, one name was missing.

Even though he is among those targeted for the induction, by virtue of being a newly elected governor, Nairobi county chief Mike Sonko is not attending the retreat that was inaugurated by the President on Thursday morning.

The seminar had been planned to help the governors digest the many complicated array of laws governing the new devolved units which first came into force in 2013.

Mr Sonko chose to stay away from the parley because one of his bodyguards is bereaved.

He is also campaigning for his choice for a position in the regional legislative assembly.


The governor said the nine relatives who perished in the grisly road accident at Kamukuywa Bridge on Monday were related to his bodyguard, and that it was only fair that he joined him on mourning.

“The nine family members who perished are relatives of my bodyguard and I am helping with burial arrangements,” Mr Sonko told Nairobi News on Wednesday evening at Parliament Buildings.

“It is a very sad moment for us and my bodyguard. We are planning on how a homestead will bury nine members of its family.”

Mr Sonko had joined MPs in the lounge to campaign for former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua for one of the slots for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) whose election will conducted on Thursday afternoon.

When the governor arrived at Parliament, orderlies cleared the lounge of all non-members, including journalists, to give the governor an opportunity to talk to Mps freely.

“I want to ensure that Mr Mbugua gets the seat. i have been campaigning and it will be out of order for me to travel out of the town before the mission is accomplished.”