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Why suspected killer policeman Ahmed Rashid’s bond terms have been extended

Ahmed Rashid, a police officer who is facing a case of extra judicial killings can now breathe a sigh of relief after the court extended his bond terms.

High Court Judge Diana Mochache, extended the bond terms on Wednesday, saying she needs time to go through the documents and familiarise herself with the matter.

The judge said she has unfamiliar with the case and that she needs time and understand everything so as she could make a sober ruling.

“I have sought to understand the issues before me. Calm down, I’m a worker, a super worker, workaholic at that justice may go slowly but you will get justice. Justice is not an electric train, it’s slow but it doesn’t cause accident on the way,” she said.

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However, the move to extend the bond terms was not welcomed by the lawyers who are representing the victims. The lawyers said it will affect the outcome of the case, adding that it is high time Mr Rashid takes a plea so that the case progress.

In new issues that were also raised in the court, Mr Rashid’s lawyers said that the High Court is not supposed to preside over murder cases. The move to argue so was aimed at stopping his plea taking process.

The matter will be mentioned in court on March 29, 2023, when Judge Mochache gives further direction.

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On March 31, 2017, Mr Rashid was recorded in an amateur video shooting two unarmed suspects whose hands appeared handcuffed behind their backs. The teenagers were later identified as Jamal Mohamed and Mohamed Dahir Kheri.

In the footage, an officer is seen arguing with a man in front of a crowd after which he pulls the man towards him. Moments later, shots are fired and the man is seen lying on the ground, lifeless.

The officer then signals to a colleague, another policeman, to give him his gun. He stands over the suspect, with one foot on his back and shoots him. The footage later shows two young men lying lifeless.

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