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Why this DJ hopes to one day meet Uhuru at State House

February 20th, 2019 2 min read

Music is the food to the soul, it moves one to feel the beat deep down to their core.

For Winfred Wanjiku Muchiri alias DJ Wiwa, being diagnosed with cerebral palsy did not stop her from living her dream.

Her love for music inspired her to become a DJ so she could move crowds with her mixes. She studied at the Talanta Institute and graduated in October 2018.

DJ Wiwa, who was born in Ngurubani Mwea in Kirinyaga County, schooled at Joy Town school, both the primary and secondary sections.

She later acquired a diploma in tours and travel while schooling in Thika.

“I have always loved music all my life, I look up to DJ Sadic, DJ Stretch and DJ Crème de la Crème. I hope one day to play at big events and pay a visit to State House and play for the President,” said Winfred.


She also weighed in on the play Kenyan music debate, which has gripped Kenya for some time, maintained that Kenyan music should take center stage in all media platforms.

Due to her condition, DJ Wiwa trained herself to work the deck using her feet –from selecting songs to the mixing and scratching on the twin decks.

“Hakuna kitu inaweza kulimit in life, other than yourself. If you want it, you just have to go get it,” said Winfred.

She wishes for more equipment to help her with work as her plans are to open up her own entertainment company and build a house for her mother.

She was among the entertainers during this year’s Rotary Club 40th Anniversary Sunshine Rally held at the ASK showground on February 16th where disabled children from various special schools all over the country came together for a day of fun, games, music and gifts in honor of all of them.