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Why this man decided to ride atop a police car in Nairobi – VIDEO

A man dressed only in shorts and a vest was filmed comfortably riding atop a police vehicle in an odd incident that happened in the city recently.

In the undated video clip that was shared on social media, the man can be seen perched on the vehicle’s bonnet with his bank cozily supported by the windscreen.

The details of the incident are unclear.

But a Twitter user called Muchai Evans later said that the man had stood in front of the vehicle, hoping to be run over by the police car.

“He stood in front of the car wanting to be ran over (sic), but the cops didn’t. Akaona ni vizuri to stick his winner deeper into the beehive and that how he ended up there,” said Muchai Evans.

Baffled by the strange scene, a few people can be seen standing to witness the rare sight.

Kenyans, in their usual nature, took to social media to highlight the strange scene, some questioning if indeed police officers were inside the vehicle.