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Why this Nigerian has sworn never to drink with East Africans again

A Nigerian DJ has drawn hilarious reactions on social media after swearing that he will never drink with an East African again because of their love for the bottle.

The artiste, who goes by the stage name Papi K (@unkle_k) tweeted his regrets, claiming that East Africans are addicts.

“Never (again) drinking with an East African. F***ing Addicts,” he lamented.

While the allegation remains vague and unsubstantiated, it sharply contrasts with a recent report that suggested Kenyans consume the least amounts of alcohol in sub-Saharan Africa.

The report dubbed ‘Effect of Kenya’s Alcohol Regulation Policies’ suggests that Kenyans consume 3.4 litres of alcohol per capita, which is thrice less than the amounts Uganda and Tanzanians take.

While Kenya remains stringent in its fight against illicit liquor such as chang’aa that has led to hundreds of deaths and permanent maiming of its labour force, Uganda and Tanzania have regulated traditional drinks increasing affordability among their citizens.

There is, however, a running joke in the country that Kenyans always look for an opportunity to drink alcohol.


Some have for instance questioned why alcohol is usually on the menu during children’s birthdays and bars always have special offers for mundane milestones such as the recent phasing out of the Sh1,000 banknote.

Meanwhile, a number of people have had their experiences on the suggestion by the Nigerian.

“Kenyans and Ugandans drink to die, please it’s not worth it,” one user responded.

“I used to stay with a Ugandan, we would take like three mizingas (whisky bottles)… I kept blacking out after each of them but would still find the dude alive and swallowing,” observed another.

“The border between Kenya and Uganda should be removed. That should be one country,” added another.

“Ugandans blood is made from alcohol. I’m convinced. They’re drinking to keep themselves alive,” claimed another.

“Kenyans only drink much when they are eyeing a lady on the first date,” opined another.

“Kenyans drink because we got the money. Those without dime please dont complain, just step aside,” retorted another.