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Why Tiktoker Nyako Pilot apologised to TV girl Lulu Hassan

Kenyan TikToker Nyako Pilot has publicly apologized to renowned news anchor Lulu Hassan after engaging in a heated exchange over a comment made during a live video.

Nyako, realizing her mistake, extended an olive branch to the famed presenter and appealed to her fans for forgiveness, acknowledging her own imperfections.

Speaking humbly, Nyako addressed her followers, expressing remorse for her reckless behaviour and apologizing to her subscribers for her hasty response.

She specifically directed her apology to Lulu Hassan, the TV queen, admitting her reaction was a result of being caught up in the heat of the moment.

“To the queen of Citizen TV, Lulu Hassan, I reacted in the heat of the moment, and I am asking the people that I have hurt out there with my behaviour to find a place in their hearts to forgive me,” Nyako stated sincerely.

Despite feeling offended by Lulu’s comments, Nyako emphasized her willingness to take the higher road and offered her apologies to her fans. She acknowledged that she was not perfect and was bound to encounter disagreements with various individuals along her journey.

“I will apologize one million times on TikTok, so long as I am alive. I am bound to rub shoulders with a lot of people. I am not perfect. As much as I felt offended by that video, I’m going to be the bigger person here and apologize to my fans,” Nyako added with humility.

The conflict arose when Nyako responded to a clip where Lulu Hassan questioned who she was, as Nyako had become a topic of discussion among many people. Nyako’s initial reaction involved questioning Lulu’s lack of respect and dismissing her as though she were of no importance.

“I don’t care about your position; respect people. Eti don’t address her like I’m a piece of trash. I’m not even worth her time,” Nyako had passionately expressed.

During the TikTok live session that sparked the controversy, Lulu Hassan asked her friend about Nyako, seeking clarification. Her friend advised her not to mention Nyako at all, to which Lulu then commented on Nyako’s age, referring to her as a “shosh” (a term used for an elderly woman).

In response to Lulu’s remarks, Nyako flaunted bundles of cash sarcastically, repeating the word “shosh” that Lulu had used, questioning whether Lulu believed she was an old woman.

“Shosho. Mimini shosho na sijakataa. Sasa mnatakaje? I’m old, yes. So am I your mother? I’m not your mother, so mind your business,” Nyako retaliated.

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