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Why trainer Frankie Kiarie monitors female trainees’ ovulation dates

Fitness trainer Frankie Kiaries has stirred up a mixed reaction with a statement he made about personal trainers being privy to female trainees’ ovulation dates, sparking a debate on professional boundaries in the fitness industry.

During an interview on NTV’s “The Trend,” Frankie Kiaries delved into the extensive information female clients share with their personal trainers.

Frankie explained the difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer.

He stated, “A fitness instructor is just someone employed in a gym to take care of the day-to-day activities like cleaning up and all. If a client comes in, they can show them a few things but they can’t guide them through a certain routine,” he said.

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Frankie also known as Justgym It added:

“A personal trainer is invested in who you are, has to know your everyday routine, how work is like, what stresses you, even your ovulation he has to like know all that. It is very crucial.”

Frankie further revealed instances where husbands have expressed discomfort with him training their wives after discovering his level of involvement.

He shared, “I have had dudes call me and tell me never to train their wives ever again. Not me being unprofessional but I guess is because they didn’t know about me, then they see social media and they are like, this is the guy who is training you? Not ever again.”

The statement has ignited a debate surrounding professional boundaries within the fitness industry.

While some argue that personal trainers should maintain a certain level of distance and refrain from delving into personal matters such as ovulation cycles, others defend Kiaries, stating that understanding a client’s holistic well-being is essential for effective training.

Social media platforms have been abuzz with opinions, with some condemning Kiaries’ remarks as invasive and inappropriate, while others commend his dedication to understanding his clients on a deeper level.

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