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Why Uhuru’s men plan to have tea at Weston hotel

Two members of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s communication team plan to have tea at the disputed Weston Hotel in Nairobi, in what appears as a show of solidarity with beleaguered deputy president William Ruto.

State House Digital Director Mr Dennis Itumbi has asked his contemporaries Munyori Buku (Director, Public Communication) and Eric Ng’eno (Director, Speech Writing and Messaging) to buy him tea at the hotel, saying it had been well marketed by the media.

“I will not mind a cup of coffee at Weston Hotel – never been there, with all the free publicity am sure @EricNgeno and @Munyoris can deliver (sic),” tweeted Mr Itumbi on Tuesday.

Mr Ng’eno responded pronto: “@OleItumbi @munyoris any time, Boss. Any time.”

The hotel is at the centre of a dispute following claims that it stands on a piece of land that was allegedly grabbed from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

Last week, Mr Ruto, appearing on a talk show at Citizen TV, owned up to having shares in the hotel.

He, however, refuted claims that the hotel had grabbed the playground of Langata Road Primary School, a dispute that led to police officers teargasing pupils earlier in the year.