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Why Vanessa Mdee and her husband Rotimi have stayed away from the church in the USA

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has revealed that she and her family are not attending church in the United States, where she now resides with her partner, Rotimi, and their two children.

According to Vanessa, they have been unable to find a church they love that is filled with the Holy Spirit in their current location.

“We have not found a church that we love here or a true church that we can be worshipping at with the full Holy Spirit. Sometimes, I worship online,” Vanessa shared during a live session.

Vanessa Mdee hails from the musical Sammy Mdee family.

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Her sister, Tero Mdee, who once hosted an entertainment show called ‘Straight Up,’ returned to Tanzania where she got married to Prophet Hebron and is now a pastor in a Tanzanian-based church, going by the name Nancy Hebron.

Vanessa’s recent revelation about not attending church has sparked a reaction from her fans and followers:

faith_12379: “Vanessa, your late father was a devout Catholic and a close friend of asking lebulu. You were raised a Catholic and he was buried with full Catholic honors. How come now you’re in Nigeria, and you claim you haven’t found a good church?”

restyle_tz: “A true church is a matter of personal faith.”

lady_kabora: “Yeah! I understand because the churches there are not the kind you can just walk into.

Vanessa Mdee made headlines when she announced her departure from the music industry in 2020, stating that she found it to be demonic, as she explained on her podcast, Quick Dive.

“The reason why I have to leave the industry is that I needed to choose my life; the music industry is demonic,” Vanessa stated during the podcast.

“Now, my fans are probably asking themselves right now, ‘Are you never going to sing again? Are we never going to see you perform?’ Let me reiterate. I love music, I love to create, and I love to perform. I’m a vessel.

This is what I was brought on earth to be, but maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through everything that I have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never hear somewhere else,” she further explained.