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Why Vera Sidika ‘prefers’ 40-year old househelp

Socialite Vera Sidika says she is extremely choosy when it comes to her nanny.

Sidika and singer Brown Mauzo welcomed their child together, Asia Brown, in October 2021.

And in the past few days, the beauty entrepreneur shared some of the qualifications she is looking for in her nanny as her daughter turns three months.

Rule number one, she should not be on social media platforms.

“So y’all busy sending me DMs asking to be my nannies failed a long time ago. The nannies I prefer are nowhere close to the socials,”

Secondly, she prefers a nanny who is 40 years old, “I prefer over 40-year-olds. They are the best! These 20 something-year-olds ain’t my style. The probability of many things going wrong is very high.”

Vera has been very choosy with her daughter, she had initially hinted that Asia would be delivered abroad, but she changed at the last minute because of Coronavirus.

“Btw, I almost traveled to give birth in the USA. Since my 5 year, USA Visa is still valid. But this Covid pandemic isn’t fun. Then again couldn’t handle the idea of being away from family and friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months,” she said in a previous interview.