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Why video of Sonko purchasing Sh4.3m jewellry has angered Kenyans

A video of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko purchasing jewellery worth Sh4.3 million has caused chatter among city residents on social media, especially in the wake of his recent woes.

Sonko was this week charged in court with misappropriation of more than Sh357 million of the county government.

In the video that was taken in April this year, Sonko is seen admiring a Versace diamond encrusted chain in the company of his aids in Dubai.

The sales lady then shows him the necklace. The pendant of the chain, which bears the Versace logo (the head of Medusa in the Greek mythology of a beautiful Gorgon who was turned into a hideous monster by Athena) costs a staggering Sh2,718,817.

The chain for the necklace costs Sh1,550,445.

In the video, Sonko is heard explaining to the sales lady how he is a fan of gold and Versace.

However, it is what he says next that has left Kenyans seething with anger.

Mr Sonko, after hearing the total amount, says “Mita tano bana, na Wakenya wananunua.”

Here is what Kenyans on Twitter had to say: