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Why Vivianne’s music career failed after break up with her ex-husband

Kenyan songbird Vivianne has had it rough in her music career ever since she and her ex-lover Sam West called it quits on their love affair. 

Looking back at where the downfall of her music career started, it’s pretty noticeable that after things between her and Sam escalated leading up to a tumultuous breakup, Vivianne has not been the same ever since. 

However, many internet users went on to assume that the reason her music career has been in the shadows lately was simply that she was taking her time to heal and deal with the separation which goes without saying, really affected her. 

Despite that being part of the reason her music career hasn’t been taking flight like before, the beautiful singer has recently revealed that ever since her separation from Sam, she has lost quite a number of contracts. 

She confessed to having gone through a tough financial strain following the unfortunate turn of events as Sam handled their finances as a couple. She added that the contracts they had secured as a team ended when he left. 

“Our lives were very intertwined. I have always been goal oriented. We were a team so when he pulled out contracts ended, and I had to rebuild with no capital,” said Vivianne.

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She further acknowledged how hard it has been for her to fit into the music industry as most people are not as they seem.

“The entertainment industry is very toxic, most people are not willing to help if they are not sleeping with you. That was not how I had projected things. If I had foreseen things like this happening to me, I would never have ventured into music. Sam really helped build my music career,” she said. 

Seeing as she was having difficulty getting back on her feet again, Vivianne said that the constant losses made her suicidal and depressed. 

“I was mourning the loss of my partner, loss of my career, loss of friends. There was so much loss, I ended up becoming suicidal. He was the one who used to look for business opportunities while I managed what came through. We were also at a point where we were transitioning to the next level with our family,” she recalled. 

Despite all, Vivianne expressed that she has not shut down the door for a possible reunion between her and Sam. “If it’s meant to be it will be,” she said. 

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