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Why you need to protect your online gaming child

Cybercriminals are now targeting young online gamers. According to Kaspersky’s research, cybercriminals launched more than 7 million attacks on children exploiting popular game titles last year. This puts the majority of children at risk.

Phishing pages used by cybercriminals to target young players mostly mimicked global titles including Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Apex Legends games.

To reach parents’ devices, cybercriminals purposely create fake game sites evoking children’s interest to follow phishing pages and download malicious files.

One of the most common social engineering techniques targeting young players involves offers to download popular cheats and mods for games. On a phishing site the user may get a whole manual on how to install the cheat properly.

Here are some ways you can protect your online gaming child:

1. Check your child’s favorite game – As a parent, always show interest in your children’s online activity. Ask them if you can watch their favourite series or listen to music tracks together. As an option, you can learn together some secure practices to stay safe online.

2. Use parental control Apps – As a parent, you should download parental control Apps. This will help you monitotr the sites your child is navigating while online. But it’s important to discuss this topic with your child to explain how these apps work and why they’re needed to stay safe online.

3. Have safety online talks with your child – It’s important to always train your child on cybersecurity issues. Tell them the dangers of sharing information with people they do not know while online. Explain that sensitive information should only be shared via messengers and only with people they know in real life. You can be a role model and show them good examples of good behaviour.

4. Be a role model to your children – Try paying attention to your own habits. Do you use your smartphone while eating or talking? Are your children mimicking any of your habits or behaviour patterns? Do they react in a different way when you put your phone away? You should always be aware that your children will do exactly the same things they see you do.

5. Make talks about cybersecurity more enjoyable and interesting – Discussing them with your child through games and other entertaining formats.

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