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Why you should keep off Lusaka and Enterprise roads this weekend

Lusaka and Enterprise roads at the DT Dobie roundabout will remain closed over the weekend as a result of the ongoing construction works.

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) said the temporary closure is to improve the drainage system in order reduce frequent flooding at the junction between the two roads.

“The roundabouts shall be closed and the lanes reduced to one single lane on one side effective as from Saturday, June 15 am to Sunday, June 16,” a statement from Kura read.

The authority advised motorists to use alternative routes in the course of the two-day closure.

Enterprise Road-bound traffic on the left side from the city stadium shall proceed as normal and take the first exit off the roundabout and proceed as norma,l taking precaution since the lane width has been reduced to a single lane.

Nyayo Stadium bound traffic on the left side from the City Stadium shall take a right turn and navigate the roundabout on the right side and rejoin the left carriageway and proceed ahead.

DT Dobie bound traffic from the left side from City Stadium shall take a right turn and navigate the roundabout on the right side and exit towards DT Dobie

Nyayo stadium-bound traffic on the left from Enterprise Road shall take the first exit on the left and proceed as normal taking caution of the merging traffic from city stadium heading in the same direction.

The 6.1-kilometre Enterprise Road stretch is the most critical artery for Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

It cuts through other major roads servicing the area, such as Likoni and Lusaka roads, while feeding into smaller streets, some leading directly to manufacturer’s premises.

The intersection with Likoni Road is perhaps the most painful sight. The contractor, Reynolds Construction Company (RCC), is putting up an overpass at the junction but has moved at a slow pace, opting to put up in small amounts of work every few months.