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Why you should not use public WiFi when transacting on Equity Bank app

Equity Bank has asked its customers not to use public WiFi when transacting on its application. In a letter addressed to its customers, the bank stipulated some don’ts that their clients need to take heed of in a bid to wade off fraudsters.

The bank acknowledged receiving complaints of incidences of fraud from their customers but assured them that they were working to ensure the bank remained a safe and secure place for transactions.

However, Equity bank asked their customers to play their part and incorporate the following tips.

“Do not use public Wi-Fi to do your online or mobile banking. Do not engage fraudsters on call or sms. Equity will only call you through 0763 000 000.”

The financial service provider also urged its clients against giving their phones, laptop, or computer to strangers including those who purport to be from telcos.

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“Do not share personal data such as your account number, card/CW, ID number, date of birth, etc with anyone. Do not share your pin, password, or OTP with anyone including your family, relatives, or friends.”

Equity also asked its customers to not click on any suspicious links shared via email or SMS adding that they (clients) should not give anyone access to their banking app or telco sim card.

Cases of fraudsters have been on the increase targeting customers from banks and other multi-national corporations. Unsuspecting Kenyans have often fallen prey to the unscrupulous cons.

Though the question of where the swindlers are getting information about clients is still the elephant in the room, companies have consistently taken measures to protect the data of their customers though it is a long stretch.

Equity Bank Kenya Limited was incorporated in 2014, as a result of the corporate restructuring of its parent company Equity Group Holdings Limited. It has a customer base in excess of 14 million in six East African countries, making it one of the largest commercial banks on the African continent by the number of customers.

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