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Why you should try out the Tecno Phantom X 2 series

Everyone loves a beautiful and trendy phone.

Although mobile phones are used as a communication tool, they can also expedite our lifestyles as well as a reflection of who you are.

Just like a woman is ‘judged’ based on her shoes, the phone you hold in your hand can also tell people so much about you.

On January 17, 2023, Tecno released a new phone model to the market that targeted online content creators globally.

The Phantom X2 series which includes Phantom X2 Pro 5G and Phantom X2 5G has groundbreaking features and outstanding performance.

Here are some features based on my experience.


Tecno Phantom X2 series has a pioneering back cover made from recycled material which are ozone friendly.

This special edition features a pioneering environmentally friendly back cover, constructed by recycling materials recovered from the ocean.

Phantom X2 Pro 5G has a mars orange color that makes it more visible and outstanding.

In total, each Eco-Friendly Edition back cover contains 14.4 per cent recycled material. Compared with virgin plastics, the use of recycled materials to manufacture the back covers reduces carbon emissions by approximately 38 percent, with each individual cover producing an estimated 2.4g fewer emissions on average.If this doesn’t encourage you to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, I don’t know what will.

Its retractable nature ensures the phone remains slim and light, the 65mm lens’ 2.5x optical zoom, large F1.49 apertures and shallow 18.9cm depth of field create a stunningly pure optical lens for breathtaking portraiture, as showcased in a series of portraits captured by professional photographers.


Everybody loves a phone with a good camera. The first thing you check before purchasing a device is how clear are photos captured by the phone.

With Phantom X2 series, you are assured of cool photos.

The Phantom X2 Pro 5G is the world’s first smartphone to feature a retractable portrait lens comparable to a professional camera to create “studio-like” portrait photography. The lens features an F/1.49 aperture, Industry’s Largest Portrait Lens Aperture.

Combined with a 65mm focal length, a 2.5x optical zoom retractable portrait lens and a 50-megapixel resolution, the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G is set to revolutionize image-making in the smartphone industry.

The innovative lens empowers users to capture portraits comparable to professional camera shots with just a pocket-sized device.

This makes it easier for an online content creator to come up with photos and videos that are of high quality.


I know you hate a slow phone.

In this fast moving online world, everybody loves a device that performs with a high speed.

Associating with the world’s fastest marathoner Eliud Kipchoge, you are assured of having a device that performs at its best.

The device has a MediaTek Dimensity 9000, which is a 4nm octa-core processor paired with 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM (expandable to 15GB) and 256GB.

You can install several Apps in the Android 12 device and still enjoy a high speed performing phone.

Just like an ocean, the new device’s memory is big.

You can store large files and videos without being afraid of your phone hanging or crashing.

Battery life

Tecno Phantom X2 has a 5160mAh battery and supports 45W.

With this kind of device, your leisure time is secure because the battery capacity is great.

You don’t have to worry that your phone might go off in the middle of an important business.

Pricing and availability

The phones are available at Tecno official stores on Jumia, Safaricom PLC retail outlets, Tecno website and Tecno retail stores. The prices range between Sh67,999 (Phantom X2) and Sh82,999 (Phantom X2 Pro).

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