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Why you won’t be able to buy electricity tokens today

By THOMAS MATIKO November 1st, 2018 1 min read

Kenya Power pre-paid customers will not be able to upload tokens for the better part of Thursday as the utility firm implements a presidential directive to reduce the cost of power.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had last month ordered Energy Secretary Charles Keter to undertake a downward review of electricity tariffs.

Kenya Power shut down its pre-paid system Wednesday midnight to facilitate implementation of newly adjusted electricity tariffs.

The the system will resume Thursday afternoon.

“Our customers on pre-paid system will not be able to vend for electricity tokens during the shut down which is expected to last 14 hours until tomorrow afternoon 2pm (November),” explained Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Director General Pavel Oimeke in a presser on Wednesday.

In the new tariffs, households and Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) consuming a maximum of 100 units a month will pay Sh15.17 per unit from the previous review of Sh22.19.