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Why you’re more likely to contract covonavirus in Mombasa than Nairobi

A person is at a higher risk of contracting Coivid-19 in Mombasa rather than in Nairobi.

This is according to the Ministry of Health, which says that although Nairobi is leading in the number of infections, Mombasa has a higher attack rate of 107 compared to Nairobi which has an attack rate of 55.

“Mombasa has an attack rate of about 107, where Nairobi has an attack rate of 55. These statistics are important because it tells us that the risk of transmission is higher in Mombasa compared to Nairobi,” Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi said.

Dr Mwangangi said that the ministry is working to define risk per county moving forward.

“The positive cases that we are now reporting are as a result of community transmission. And we are aware now that the disease is firmly within our urban and rural settings,” Dr Mwangangi explained.

As of Tuesdays, she says, 40 out of 47 counties had reported cases of Covid-19.

Nairobi is leading with a total of 2,428 cases followed with Mombasa with 1,304 cases.