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Wicked Ugandan mother tortured child because of ‘anger’

By Wangu Kanuri September 5th, 2022 2 min read

Neighbors of a Ugandan mother who was caught on camera torturing her two-year-old daughter allege she has been doing so for some time.

In an interview with NTV Uganda, the neighbours say they severally warned Dorothy Nabulime against her acts of consistently beating her child. The pleas however fell on deaf ears.

The claim was made by one Deborah Nahwera, the lady who is believed to have recorded the video of Nabulime beating her baby. The video went viral attracting widespread criticism.

“My landlady requested me to record a video. When she started assaulting the child, neighbors tried to stop her but she continued. I started recording from inside my house,” said Nahwera.

Ms Nahwera says she shared the video so as to confirm her claims were not fiction.

Ms Nahwera’s sentiments were confirmed by another of Nabulime’s neighbours namely Harriet Masika who said, “I told her that it (the beatings) is too much, we all get angry but do not discipline our children like that. She told me that that is what one should do to a child who doesn’t listen. I asked her how can a child of that age understand what she was saying but she shouted at me.”

Ms Nabulime recently became an internet after a video went viral of her beating up her daughter mercilessly.

The young child who was naked as if preparing for a shower outside their house was hit continuously with a slipper on her arms, head, legs, back, hands from when she is on the ground to when she goes back to the basin.

While asked why she beat up the child to such extent, Ms Nabulime told the Observer that she was just angry.

The Director of Criminal Investigations in Uganda, Tom Magambo confirmed that police had since arrested Nabulime, a mother of three, and was to be arraigned in court on Monday.

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