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Widow recalls night MP was pumped with bullets in city centre

The widow of former Kabete MP George Muchai has told the High Court that the killing of her husband was well planned and executed.

Testifying before Justice James Wakiaga on Monday in a murder case against seven people, Ms Susan Nyawira Ngige said: “It is evident from the manner in which he was sprayed with bullets that his execution was well planned and executed.”

Ms Ngige said her husband was shot when he had stopped at the bus stage opposite the General Post Office (GPO) on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, to buy newspapers from a vendor.

The widow said she heard her husband hoot as she was way ahead of him in her own car after attending a family meeting at Galileo Club in Westlands on the night of February 6,2015.

“Before leaving Galileo we had agreed that we shall stop at Kenyatta Avenue to drop off our driver Stephen Wambugu (also deceased) to pick a matatu to Huruma estate where he lived,” Ms Ngige recalled.


She told the judge she could see her husband’s vehicle from the side mirror and when she stopped at the agreed point, she heard heavy shooting behind her.

“Within a split second I heard heavy shelling from powerful guns. I phoned my husband and his driver but neither responded,” Ms Ngige said, adding: “I made a U-turn and drove fast to where my husband’s vehicle was but all I saw were badly injured people.”She recounted tearfully how she proceeded to the driver’s seat and noticed he had been shot and the engine was still running. “I switched it off. I noticed that my husband and his two body guards were motionless.”

She said police arrived at the scene and “barred me from handling my husband, saying only medics could handle him”.

Cross-examined by defence lawyer Cliff Ombeta, Ms Ngige said police rushed him to Nairobi Hospital where he died.

The hearing resumes Tuesday.