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Wife discovers husband’s affair mid-air, causes flight to make emergency landing

An Iranian woman got so angry with her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her that she made a flight make an emergency landing in Chennai.

The incident took place on board Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Bali.

The woman, who was inebriated according Timesnews, managed to unblock her husband’s mobile phone while he was sleeping by putting his finger on the finger print scanner and that is when she realized that he could be cheating on her.

She flew into a rage and got into a fight with her husband.

The airline crew tried to calm her down but that just enraged her further and she misbehaved with staff.

As the situation began to get out of control, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing to get the couple off the plane.

The Iranian family – the women, her husband and their child, were offloaded at Chennai airport and the flight resumed its journey.

Once the lady sobered down, the family was put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur and then sent back to Doha.

Qatar Airways is yet to publicly comment on this.