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My wife got married while still living in my house – distraught man

A man has opened up on how his wife got married to another man while still living in their matrimonial home, in a rare case of revenge served cold.

From the onset, it is imperative to disclose that Nairobi News could not verify the authenticity of the claims first posted on Tuesday on Kilimani Mums Facebook group by a man calling himself Tosh Tosh Tosh.

He claimed that he was caught by his wife flirting with other women, and he decided to change his phone password to keep her at bay.

She then stayed off his phone and he assumed all was well.

His house underwent a makeover as his wife went on a spending spree –all using ‘her’ money. She also changed her looks and dressing but he continued to flirt with other women.

Tosh says his world crumbled last Saturday when she said she was vising her grandmother. He gave her Sh12,000 for transport and promised to send her more later.

That Saturday was his wife’s betrothal.

Read his full disclosure below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: The post has been republished as it was posted on Facebook without any changes.

Please help,

I was married for 3 yrs until Saturday.

I used to flirt with other girls and my wife found out( kawaida tu ya wanaume). She confronted me and I kicked her out (speak of pride), but we reconciled took her back and life continued. Still flirting with my babes, and I created a very strong password so her accessing my phone was ngumu.

Last year around May my wife started Changing, she started wearing different hairstyle from her usual ponytail and perfume, she looked more beautiful and she was ever happy. She stopped bothering my phone and my life and I thought it was good and she was just amazing.

most Saturdays she would take our babies out and She decorated our house, bought new stuff repainted it and the most mesmerizing thing is the new 52″ Samsung TV, a bigger fridge and a 6seat dinning table she bought and now our house looked more like a home.

I still flirted with my babes despite her Changing and around December I found my wife on my phone. How she knew my password remains a mystery to me, and she was reading my chat with this particular girl, Nancy wambui. I shouted at her but she quietly handed the phone to me and she said “Sina ubaya”. (Little did I know)

All these is not a problem. The problem is last weekend but one she told me ameenda kuona shosho yake and I agreed, I gave 12k for transport, and little shopping for shosho as I find more ksh for up keep ya watoto.all that is not a problem, The problem is, I found out that my wife move on kitambo, the time she found out I was flirting with some other girls, She met another man and her traditional was held on Saturday (juzi). Really mama Rechael?

How did all this happen without my consent? Yaani this woman, she dated someone and she’s married bado akiwa kwangu? Unbelievable, and she still invested in house like nobody business, why did you buy this stuff? Ama zilikuwa za kunifunga tu macho?. I Never saw any sign of her cheating her phone was always on the table, I never heard her talk to anyone, all this time!! How!

All I need is custody ya my two girls I just want Rechael and Brianna back. Anyone who can assist get them. I don’t know how I’m going to live without them. I’m so hurt, They are all I need. That bitch can go wherever she wants to.