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Wife missing Senator Malala after one day stay in police cell – PHOTOS

May 18th, 2019 2 min read

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has been denied the right to see his family and medical attention, his lawyer has said.

Despite camping at the Kisumu police headquarters, his advocate Charles Malala noted that they have not been allowed to see the politician who was arrested on Friday evening over his suspected involvement in Matungu brutal murders.

The Senator’s wife Caroline Malala accused the police of denying her husband his right to see his lawyers, family, doctors and access to medication.

She said her children have been asking about the whereabouts of their father.


“It is unfair for someone to accuse my husband of such grave crime without proof. This is just meant to tarnish his name,” said the wife.

The Senator’s lawyer said his client has not received treatment for  high blood pressure and diabetes.

“He has been denied access to his medicines and his doctors have been denied access to him. This is a very serious breach of his fundamental right not just as a senator but as a citizen of this country,” said the lawyer Charles Malala.

“Mr Malala is essentially being starved as he has not been given food or water. Our concern is whether he is safe and alive,” he added.

From Left; Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala’s Mother Martha Malala, wife Caroline Malala and father David Malala.

According to the lawyer, the senator was booked for inciting the public to violence on May 9.

But he pointed out that the offence committed occurred long before the date indicated in the occurrence book.

“While we condemn the happenings that has seen a number of people lose their lives in Matungu, no one should be accused unjustifiably,” he pointed out.


“Kenya cannot afford to slide back into the dark era of Friday afternoon arrests without any justifiable reason. This is the new constitutional era. We are entitled to certain fundamental rights and the authority should respect the constitution,” he said.

We need to be let to see him and be able to prepare his defence when he is presented in court, he said.

The Senator’s father David Malala expressed concern that his son could be in a critical condition following his seclusion and detention.

“As a family, we feel tortured and frustrated since we cannot see our son. Why can’t he be released on cash bail?” posed his mother Martha Malala.