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Wife of police officer accused of killing black man in US ‘files for divorce’

The wife of a police officer who is accused of killing a black man in Minneapolis USA, has filed for divorce, according to multiple media reports.

Kellie Chauvin, the wife of police officer Derek Chauvin, in a statement from her lawyers said that she was devastated with the death of George Floyd (the man her husband is being accused of murdering) and her sympathy goes to the family of the deceased, reports The Sun and Daily Mail.

The former Mrs Minnesota also asked for privacy to be given to her family during this difficult time.

Mr Chauvin has already been arrested and charged with third-degree murder after he was filmed kneeling on the late Mr Floyd who could be heard pleading for his life before he died.

The incident, which took place five days ago, has caused protests by American citizens in Minneapolis who were demanding for justice.

On Wednesday, police had to fire teargas and rubber bullets to keep protesters from surrounding the police precinct where Mr Chauvin worked as a police officer before he was fired from his job.

Celebrities from all over the world had joined the campaign seeking justice for the family of the late Mr Floyd, by posting numerous pictures and sharing their opinions on police brutality on black men in the US.