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Wife of senior cop attached to presidential escort unit shoots daughter and herself

The wife of a senior police officer attached to the presidential escort unit is in hospital with a bullet wound after she allegedly shot herself and her daughter in a suicide attempt.

According to the police report, the woman tried to take her own life after a domestic dispute with her husband on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

According to police, the couple had a heated argument shortly after returning home from church and the woman went into the bedroom and picked up her husband’s gun.

“She took her husband’s Jericho pistol, which had an extra magazine of 30 bullets during the incident,” police said.

Police added that the 29-year-old woman held the gun to her chest in a suicide attempt when her daughter jumped to stop her from killing herself, but unfortunately in the scuffle, the gun went off and the pistol discharged, injuring the 15-year-old daughter’s right middle finger.

The bullet struck the mother in the upper chest and exited through her back.

Both people were taken to hospital where they are reported to be in stable condition.

Senior police officers arrived at the scene and recovered the gun and spent cartridge. They said an investigation into the shooting was underway.

Meanwhile, in Makueni County, an officer from the Critical Infrastructure Police Unit (CIPU) in Mbooni West has been arrested following the fatal shooting of his colleague over the Easter weekend.

The suspect, Constable Anthony Mariapei, and the deceased, Hassan Ahmed, were on duty guarding the office of the Mbooni West Deputy County Commissioner when the incident occurred.

A police officer stationed at Mbooni Police Station, just 40 metres away, heard gunshots and alerted his colleagues, who rushed to the scene.

On arrival, they found Mariapei, dressed in an APS uniform with a G3 rifle by his side, and Ahmed injured. Despite efforts to help Ahmed, he died from his injuries.

Mariapei later surrendered at Mbooni police station and admitted to shooting Ahmed with his issued G3 rifle. The motive for the shooting remains unclear and Mariapei is currently in custody pending investigation.

Both rifles and ammunition have been seized as evidence, and Ahmed’s body is awaiting post-mortem examination at the Mbooni West Sub-County Referral Hospital mortuary.