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Wife, Sister-In-Law argue over hubby having an extra boxer in his car

By Winnie Mabel February 13th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan woman by the name of Mimi Hellen took TikTok by storm when she and her husband’s sister took his car out for use only to discover an extra pair of boxers in his dashboard glove compartment, a bottle of expensive liquor and chocolate stocked in the car.

Hellen and her sister-in-law engaged in an tense but calm exchange of words where she wondered why her husband should have an extra pair of boxers in his car while his sister defended him, saying it did not mean that he was out cheating on her.

“Today I took my husband’s car and brought it to the car wash. This is his sister over here (in the passenger seat) and she must defend him all the time. Of course she loves me and wouldn’t want us to break up-,” said Hellen before her in-law interrupted her saying she didn’t often defend him and wondered why Hellen was always suspicious that her husband was cheating on her.

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“The other day you said he was cheating. No evidence. Today you have which evidence?” asked the in-law before Hellen responded, saying, “Baby girl, me I am past the text issues and what have you. Open this thing (the glove compartment). Guys, can you see here? What is a boxer’s purpose in a car?”

“What is he doing driving around with an extra boxer in his car? I didn’t pack clothes for him and he didn’t tell me he was going anywhere. This one’s brother…,” added Hellen.

Her sister-in-law asked Hellen to stop overthinking and mind her own business and should ask her husband why he has a boxer in his car instead of imagining the worst-case scenarios.

“In this car, there is a bar of chocolate, a bottle of Jack Daniels and other things but what he thought to carry was a boxer to change. Not a t-shirt or anything else. Marriage is hard. Guys, marriage is really hard,” responded Hellen, to which her in-law told her marriage was not hard, but she was making it hard for herself.

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Hellen went on, “And then, the worst part is family interfering in this matter and defending their son,” to which the in-law wondered why Hellen had started all this drama because she couldn’t be understood.

“Why don’t you admit it? Haven’t you seen the boxer? Mummy, you will one day get married,” said Hellena as her in-law vehemently defended her brother, saying he was not cheating and that even if she got married, it wouldn’t come to this.

Many people in the comment section gave Hellen various reasons as to why the boxer was in the car, including it could have been for wiping down the windscreen and for swimming lessons. Others told her to avoid sharing such issues with a younger woman, especially from her husband’s side. Others laughed at the situation, telling her vehicles were the new hotel rooms around.

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