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Wife swap deal flops after cheating woman opts out – VIDEO

A watchman and bodaboda operator are at loggerheads after their agreement to swap wives failed after one of the wives walked out of the deal.

The two men in Shitirira village, Kakamega  county, bizarrely agreed to swap their wives after one of them cheated with the other’s wife.

Ernest Anjeche, 42, a night watchman, had suspected that his wife was having an affair with Patrick Mangala, 25.

When he confronted Mangala about it, the latter denied the accusations but a phone belonging to the cheating wife sold him out.


Anjeche said he found Mangala in possession of a mobile phone he had recently bought his wife.

Strangely, when Mangala’s wife, Susan, got wind of the alleged affair, she unilaterally left her matrimonial home and moved in to Anjeche’s house in order to prompt her rival to switch to the other side.

Susan confirmed that her bodaboda husband was rarely home at night and that she decided to move to Anjeche’s house after discovering of the alleged affair.

Bwanangu alikuwa anatoka asubuhi akienda kazi atarudi kesho yake asubuhi. Nikimuuliza unatoka wapi ananiambia eti natoka kazi,” Susan told NTV.

Faced with the sudden change of circumstances, the two men agreed to swap wives. Susan was to remain at her new husband’s house and Mangala was to take his erstwhile secret lover. The two men sealed the deal by signing a written agreement in the presence of a village elder.

“Mi nikasign, yeye akasign agreement ya kusema nichukue bibi yake na yeye achukue bibi yangu tuishi kwa amani. Na tukasalimiana, tukatoka huko kama tumesalimiana tumefurahi tukikuja, hata alinisindikiza mpaka hapa,” Mangala told NTV in an interview.


But the deal only lasted for two weeks. Anjeche’s wife ran away to her parents home after staying with Mangala for only two weeks.

Mangala now wants back his wife Susan. He even wrote a threatening note to Anjeche that said: “Uko na wangu, na mimi sina wako. Utarudisha wangu upende usipende.”

He further threatened to kill Anjeche is he does not return his Susan.

Anjeche, who has reported the matter to police, says Susan has refused to return to her husband.

Lakini huyu amekataa. Amesema hawezi toka hapa, atakaa tu hapa. Na mimi nikasema sawa sawa huyo bibi (the other woman) akikuja na akubali kukaa hapa pia yeye atakaa,” said Anjeche.