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Weave Alert! Wig snatchers on the loose on Nairobi streets

By NAIRA HABIB January 20th, 2018 1 min read

Women who like wearing wigs and hair extensions will have to hold on to their hair tight as a crop of wig thieves are roaming the streets of Nairobi.

Most women usually put on wigs when they are having a bad hair day or when they haven’t visited the salon for a while.

But a weave alert has now been issued after one woman posted a picture of herself in unkempt hair on social media after what claims was an encounter with the said weave snatchers.

“And just like that my wig is gone, No slaying in CBD Cheiii,” wrote the user on Facebook closed group Buyer Beware.


Reports indicate that the wig snatchers mostly target human hair made wigs that are known to be expensive, and resell them at a lower price in the black market.

A custom made wig can cost from Sh30,000 to Sh100,000 depending on the style, origin and length of the hair. And these are the kinds of wigs that the snatchers are prowling the streets in search of.


The post was met with mixed reactions from online users:

“Gai really… Hapo ndio Nairobi tumefika?” asked one user.

“Hahaha I saw this. mimi sivai wig tena… ata stickons za nails naona nikingolewa,” said one group member.

“Kwani weave zinaibiwa? Afadhali kunyolewa kipara ngoto,” commented another group member.

“Nairobi ni shamba la mawe,” wrote another.

“It’s true someone have been snatched a while ago by boda guy at moi avenue,, seeing dis nikafunga kitambaa,” responded yet another user.

“Kwanza the human hairs.. They snatch like anything else,” said one group member.

“So wamedown grade, from phones to wig,” quipped another.

“Pole sana, and unfortunately there’s some lady somewhere who’s going to buy it. Sad,” commented another group member.