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Wilbroda encourages men interested in dating her to ‘shoot their shot’

Actress Jackie Nyaminde, famously known as Wilbroda from the hit TV show Papa Shirandula, has sent a message of encouragement to men interested in dating her, urging them not to be afraid.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the mother of one discussed her dating life and the societal pressure of being unmarried at her age, emphasizing her refusal to succumb to such pressures.

Wilbroda candidly expressed that despite the constant scrutiny and comments regarding her marital status, she remains steadfast in her decision not to rush into marriage.

“Never ever. Even if things remain as they are, we are good. Even those comments when people say, ‘Hey, mama, you’re getting old, when will you find a husband?’ They don’t bother me one bit. As Jackie, I am complete just as I am,” Wilbroda asserted.

She emphasised her belief that she is complete and fulfilled as an individual, regardless of her age.

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She shared that her child came into her life to add value, but her existence does not revolve solely around her partner.

“There’s no pressure, not even a little. Even my mother has never pressured me… If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m still okay,” Wilbroda said.

The seasoned theatre and screen actress also offered advice to those who enter relationships under societal pressure, urging them to live authentically and according to their desires.

Wilbroda also shared her criteria for a potential partner, emphasising the importance of friendship above all else.

She expressed a preference for a God-fearing, open-minded individual who enjoys travelling and would serve as a positive influence on her son.

“I would love to have a friend above everything else, someone who loves God, is open-minded, enjoys travelling, and is someone who, when I bring problems, brings solutions. They should also be a good example to my son and a friend to him. Physical attributes are just an added advantage. I want a good human being,” she said.