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Wilbroda: Papa Shirandula’s absence hurts so much

Actress Jacqueline Nyaminde, popularly known by the stage name Wilbroda, has opened up on how his career changed following the sudden death of actor Charles Bukeko, aka Papa Shirandula.

Papa Shirandula, who played in among others, the role of a pot-bellied watchman during his chequered acting career, died suddenly a year ago, leaving behind Wilbroda who’d acted as his wife for more than a decade in the popular Papa Shirandula TV series.

“I remember and celebrate him for many things,” recalled Wilbroda.

She was speaking at an event to celebrate the fallen artists’ first year anniversary. The event was graced by the deceased’s wife and children, plus several other actors including Njoro, Jalang’o, Captain Otoyo, and Mama Nyagothie.

“He mentored so many of us. And he loved his work, he was dedicated. We were planning very many things but that didn’t come to pass.”

Wilbroda also paid tribute to her deceased colleague, confirming that her role in the series opened so many doors for her and to date, the public has been unable to disassociate her from the character.

“Life will never be the same. We were working on very many things but he left suddenly and things slowed down. Had he been here, we would have several shows on TV. We will try and work on them to make him happy.”

Wilbroda also recalls meeting Papa Shirandula after 16 years of trying to make a name for herself at the Kenya National Theatre, and it was he who recommended her for the role of Wilbroda.